Five Named In Falls City For Undercover Meth Deals

FALLS CITY – A Nebraska State Patrol undercover narcotics investigation in Falls City has resulted in charges filed against five people.

Deputy Richardson County Attorney Samantha Scheitel has filed charges of delivery of methamphetamine against 38-year-old Jeremiah Scheele of Riverside, Mo.

The state alleges that Scheele provided a confidential informant 1.75 grams of meth for $130 on  Jan. 18.

Scott Bachman Jr., 22, of Falls City is charged with selling 1 gram for $100 on Aug. 11 and an eighth ounce for $200 on Sept. 14.

Jonathan Dawson, 28, of Falls City is charged with accepting $200 in funds from the confidential informant for delivery of an eighth ounce on Sept. 27.

Taryn Rice, 21,  is charged with selling an eighth ounce Aug. 23 and delivering meth Sept. 27.

Anna Debolt, 37, is charged with telling the confidential informant on Jan. 18 that she could provide meth. An arrest affidavit says Scheele left Debolt’s Stone Street residence on bicycle and delivered the meth at the True Value parking lot.