Fischer’s GOP Rival Borrows from Trump Playbook, Fischer Mum

Omaha, NE.— He doesn’t have President Trump’s endorsement, says he’s not tied to Steve Bannon but as he tries to take out fellow Republican Sen. Deb Fischer, Todd Watson comes across like a Trumper—complete with a Trump-like, some would say nasty, nickname for Fischer.

He calls her “Dishonest Deb”—at least in print, its right there on his web site. Watson also claims he’s out to “drain the swamp” and questions Fischer’s GOP credentials insisting he’s running to “make Republicans conservative again.”

And he’s put some money where his mouth is with a series of radio ads blasting Fischer on several fronts. One of the ads attacks Fischer’s record on abortion:

Talking pro-life is one thing, but doing something about it is another…Sen. Fischer talks a pro-life game but she voted to fully fund Planned Parenthood three times.

This is not acceptable. Thirty-seven abortions per hour are now performed with your tax money. 

This totals to over 1.9 million terminated babies over Sen. Fischer’s six year complicit term. Funding abortion is one of many reasons Sen. Fischer earned a grade of “F” from three leading conservative publications. 

Watson will not comment on the size and scope of the radio-buy but, according to federal records examined by News Channel Nebraska, late last year he spent roughly $3,000 on Omaha’s KFAB radio with at least some of the commercials running during the Rush Limbaugh show. 

Along with criticizing Fischer on abortion and conservatism, Watson calls himself  the “superior choice” on fiscal control, economic growth and national security.

Despite several requests for comment from News Channel Nebraska, Team Fischer has been silent—seemingly content to ignore Watson, especially in light of several recent developments.

In October Bannon had some tough talk for Fischer, calling her— and other GOP incumbents up for reelection in 2018— out by name.  “Just voting is not good enough,” Bannon told Sean Hannity. “You have to have a sense of urgency. Nobody’s safe. We are coming after all of them and we’re gonna win.”

But Bannon’s star has fallen and Watson tells News Channel Nebraska, ”We have not talked to Bannon.” In addition, according to a recent CNN report, “The threat seems to have dimmed for Fischer. Former State Treasurer Shane Osborn, who was reported to have spoken with Bannon about a potential primary bid, endorsed Fischer…”

And one look at Fischer’s website finds her trotting out some 900 official endorsements from around the state including Gov. Pete Ricketts, former Governors Dave Heineman, Kay Orr and Charlie Thone, Sen. Ben Sasse, Congressmen Don Bacon, Jeff Fortenberry, Adrian Smith and 76 current and former state senators.

In addition to asking Team Fischer to respond to Watson’s attacks, News Channel Nebraska also asked if Fischer would be debating Watson: Again no response.

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