Fees, room and board, tuition rates at Nebraska state colleges are likely to go up

Residence hall room rates and tuition will probably rise in many instances in the fall at Chadron, Peru and Wayne State Colleges.

The State College Board of Trustees will meet Friday at Peru State College and will consider mandatory fees, room and board rates and tuition.

As of midweek, the state college trustees hadn’t set tuition rates, said Angela Melton, spokeswoman for the state college system.

Mandatory fees — for events, capital improvements and health centers, for example — will go up at Chadron State and Wayne State by $7.50 per semester for full-time students (15 credit hours) and at Peru State by $37.50 per semester for full-timers.

Mandatory fees add up to a considerable expense for full-time students. For instance, at Wayne State, they exceed $800 per semester for a student taking 15 hours. That doesn’t include a parking permit of $50 per year for a car and a one-time $15 admission fee.

Wayne State enrolls about 3,310 students, Chadron about 2,740 and Peru about 2,350.

Residence hall room rates in most instances will go up. At Chadron State, for instance, a private room at Edna Hall will rise 3.6 percent, from $2,534 per semester to $2,625. At Peru State, a two-person room at Morgan and Delzell Halls will go up 5 percent, from $2,161 per semester to $2,269. And at Wayne State, a two-person room at Terrace Hall will rise 1.4 percent, from $1,820 to $1,845 per semester.

It’s hard to compare board rates for 2018-19 to those of the previous year because in most cases the colleges have changed their meal plans.

Meal plans range from $579 to $2,169 at Peru State; $999 to $1,999 for students who live on campus at Wayne State; and $745 to $1,925 at Chadron State. The variations reflect how many meals are in a plan and other things, such as flex dollars, which can be used at places outside the dining hall.