Esch Trial Scheduled To Begin June 15; Oels Graduates Problem-Solving Court

DISTRICT COURT— Custer County District Court was decently short on Thursday, May 27 as nearly all of the pre-trial conferences were continued due to the Trenton Esch trial being scheduled for the June jury term.

After an uneventful pre-trial conference, Esch, 45, will be back in court the week of June 14 as he faces charges of alleged first-degree murder (class IA felony), use of a firearm during the commission of a felony (class IC felony), and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person (class ID felony).

The official start of the trial will be June 15 at 9 AM. Daily updates from the trial can be viewed on

Other cases included the dismissal of charges against 40-year-old Joshua Oels who completed the North-Central Nebraska Problem Solving Court Program. Oels was congratulated by those in attendance including Judge Karin Noakes.

An additional story about problem-solving court will be released at a future time which will include an interview with Oels and North Central Problem-Solving Court Coordinator Doug Stanton.