Dual Credit Program Puts Callaway Student Ahead of Peers

Dual Credit Program Puts Callaway Student Ahead of Peers
Isaac Stallbaumer, Senior at Callaway Public Schools

CALLAWAY–College is going to be a piece of cake for Isaac Stallbaumer.

That’s because the Oconto native already knows what to expect in college, not to mention he will have many classes behind him before he ever sets foot on campus.

Stallbaumer is one of 14 seniors at Callaway High School. He’s spent the past two years taking dual credit courses through Mid-Plains Community College (MPCC), a move that has put him ahead of the game in his pursuit of a postsecondary education.

The dual credit classes, which allow students to earn high school and college credit at the same time, have also provided Stallbaumer with another benefit – they have fulfilled the challenge he was seeking in his studies.

“I worked my way through all the classes offered in Callaway and needed something more,” said Stallbaumer. “I found out about MPCC’s dual credit program through my school and guidance counselors and decided to pursue it. I’m glad I did. The classes are a different style and pace than I was used to, which was what I wanted.”

Stallbaumer is currently taking Differential Equations and English Composition II through MPCC. He has already finished English Composition I, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Elements of Statistics and Analytic Geometry and Calc I, II and III.

“By the time I’m done, I will have completed most of my required college math classes,” said Stallbaumer. “Dual credit has given me a head start on my degree and has provided a less expensive option that will lighten my course load later on.”

Stallbaumer took the dual credit classes online and via distance learning, both of which worked well for him.

“With the distance learning, I still have the same interaction with the instructor that I would if that instructor was in the classroom with me,” said Stallbaumer. “If I have to miss a day because of a high school activity, the lecture is recorded, so it’s easy to catch up. With both the online and the DL formats, if I have a question outside of class, I just email my instructor.”

Stallbaumer also appreciates the fact that the classes will transfer. His goal is to use them to pursue a mechanical engineering degree at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

“I think mechanical engineering will be a good fit for me because I really like math and physics,” said Stallbaumer. “I enjoy building things and watching them be put into practice. Hopefully, I can find an internship in college, work my way up and eventually start my own business. There are also a lot of already established jobs for mechanical engineers in rural areas.”

Stallbaumer will graduate in May and start college in the fall. He is one of 97 students from Callaway High School who have taken dual credit classes through MPCC in the past five years.

Courtesy Heather Johnson, MPCC Area Communications Specialist