Deputies Seize $29,000 In Otoe County Traffic Stop

NEBRASKA CITY – The Otoe County Sheriff’s Office says a South Carolina  man was found Wednesday with $29,000 in suspected drug money.

Deputy James Parsons was on patrol on Highway 2 near the Lancaster County line when he noticed a car with Florida plates and expired tags.

Parsons learned that the driver, 21-year-old Jamil Doctor was on probation with a search consent order. Doctor denied permission to search the rental vehicle, but a sheriff’s office K9 unit also arrived and alerted to the presence of narcotics.

An arrest affidavit says deputies found an empty suitcase with an odor of marijuana. The cash was found in a duffle bag beneath a pile of clothing.

Deputies also say they found two pills of the controlled substance with the street name of Ecstasy.

Deputy Colin Caudill said the sheriff’s office has seized the cash as evidence at this point and will continue its investigation to determine if the money should be returned.

Deputy Caudill said the deputies’ work was excellent from start to finish.

Caudill: “We stop hundreds and hundreds of cars and come into contact with hundreds people each year. It’s about knowing what to look for and know what to see and smell. It’s experience and training that turns an expired license plate into a seizure like this,” he said.

If the cash is linked to drug activity, the courts could assign 80 percent of the cash for local uses.