Dem House Hopeful Fires Gun Control Ad…in Colorado. Omaha Next?

Omaha, NE.—The Washington Post headline reads, “Democrat Makes Gun Control a Central Theme in Key House Race.”

Before you ask the answer is no; the story is not about Omaha’s Kara Eastman. It’s about Colorado’s Jason Crow, a war veteran, telling voters in a TV ad,  “I look at the gun violence crisis and how it’s torn apart so many families—enough is enough.”

But that just begs the next question. Will Eastman, like her Democratic Colorado counterpart, make gun control a central part of her race against pro-gun Republican Congressman Don Bacon?

After all, Eastman recently sat front and center when some of the students from Parkland, Florida were in town pushing back on guns. And she didn’t shy away from any ‘stop the guns’ talk during her primary fight; a fight she won against former Congressman Brad Ashford. And she’s hit Bacon for taking NRA money.

But will she put her campaign money where her mouth is? You know a TV commercial, like Crow’s?

24 years ago then Sen. Bob Kerrey did, noting that when he served in Vietnam people “hunted” him with an AK-47. “But you don’t need (an AK-47) to hunt birds,” said Kerrey holding the weapon.

Kerrey, the favorite going into the race, was re-elected.

(See the ads and more in Joe Jordan’s video report above).

Five years ago then-Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle kicked off his re-election bid with  a month-long anti-gun effort. “I’m the only candidate who would ban assault weapons in Omaha,” said Suttle who was already struggling to win a second term—he didn’t.

Eastman has declined to comment for this story.

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