Dedication Held In Anselmo For Veterans Memorial Wall

Dedication Held In Anselmo For Veterans Memorial Wall
Ivan Phelps speaks during Veterans Memorial Wall dedication in Anselmo May 31.

A Veterans Memorial Wall has been erected and, during a special ceremony on Monday, May 31 in Anselmo, dedicated to those who have served our country. Ivan Phelps, veteran and wall organizer, said the wall has dedication stones that date back to individuals who served in the Civil War.

“By looking at the wall, if people look at the names and look at where they served, we have Civil War veterans [on the wall] all the way up to the current, present-day people serving,” said Phelps. “It’s not just for our forefathers but for the present and for the future.”

With the future in mind, a fifth section of the wall has had stones purchased that will continue to honor those from the area who served in the military. Phelps noted that this is not a project that happens overnight and it takes a lot of work and dedication to make something like this happen.

Phelps said,“ It takes a lot of people and the hard work they put into it and just being committed to it and just doing it. When it finally comes together and we get to this point you can look back and say ‘yeah that’s a good project.’”

If anyone would like to visit the memorial wall, it is located in downtown Anselmo, next to the sod house, and can be found easily by looking for the large American Flag.