Dawson County Shooting Sports Results; High Marks From Local Names

City Codes

L = Lexington     C = Cozad     O = Overton     Oc = Oconto     M = Miller     G = Gothenburg     Br = Brady     S = Sumner     Ed = Eddyville

It was a hot summer’s day, temperature wise, but just as smokin’ hot were the shooting sports skills displayed by the 4-H’ers at the 4-H Shooting Sports Contest at the 2019 Dawson County Fair.  There were a total of 53 youth in 22 divisions.


These crackerjack BB gun marksmen took home gold medals in their divisions.  Junior division, the gold medal went to Grant Wahlgren (G).  Intermediate gold went to Casey Wahlgren (G).  Senior division saw Saidi Ringenberg (L) clinching the gold.

Silver medals were awarded to Abbi Sutton (L) in the junior division; Hayden Russman (G) in the intermediate division; and Greg Treffer (C) in the senior division.

Bronze medals went to Kipley Kuecker (L) in the junior division; Kalli Sutton (L) in the intermediate division; and Kylie Sellers (L) for the senior division.

Ribbon awards in the BB Gun Division were awarded as follows:

Junior Division– Purple: Grant Wahlgren (G), Abbi Sutton (L), Kipley Kuecker (L), Rieker Spradlin (C), Kylee Kubert (Oc), Preston Beattie (S), and Greer Tiller (G). Blue: Mathias Pepplisch (L), Reid Wahlgren (G), Lily Peterson (G), Treyvan Berry (L), Lindly Anderson (G), Sophia Burns (C), Cinch Sanger (Br), Wesley Thompson (L), Mason Schaaf (L), Mickailee Reil (O) Dylanger Schledewitz (Oc).  Red: Ellie Scoville (S), Stephine Meininger (S), Paige Walahoski (O), and Rilyn Schledewitz (Oc).

Intermediate Division – Purple: Casey Wahlgren (G), Hayden Russman (G), Kalli Sutton (L), and Sydni Ringenberg (L). Blue: Rye Tiller (G), Braeden Anderson (G), and Parker Walahoski (O). Red: Zachary Kopf (L).

Senior Division – Purple: Saidi Ringenberg (L), Greg Treffer (C), Kylie Sellers (L), and Sarah Treffer (C).


In the Junior Division – Beau Triplett (M) received the gold medal and a blue ribbon.  The silver medal and a blue ribbon was awarded to Clayton Scoville (S).

In the Intermediate Division, gold medalist and purple ribbon winner was Braden Bender (L).

Senior Division showed Gage Schledewitz (Oc) receiving the gold medal and a purple ribbon. Dani Claflin (S) received a blue ribbon and silver medal.


In the Junior Division – Rieker Spradlin (C) won the gold medal and a purple ribbon. Wesley Thompson (L) won the silver medal and purple ribbon and Sophia Burns (C) took home the bronze and blue ribbon. The other blue ribbons were Abbi Sutton (L) and Mickailee Reil (O).

Intermediate Division – Parker Walahoski (O) won the gold medal and a purple ribbon. Sydni Ringenberg (L) received the silver medal and a purple ribbon followed by Kalli Sutton (L) with a bronze and blue ribbon.

Senior gold medal was awarded to Saidi Ringenberg (L) and the purple; the silver to Kylie Sellers (L) and a blue ribbon; and the bronze to Gracey Smith (L) with a blue ribbon.


In a separate exhibition held earlier at the Cozad Gun Club, shotgun experts took aim and resulted in these winners. In the Intermediate Division the gold went to Braeden Anderson (G) and a purple.  The silver went to Cole Atkinson (G) also with a purple ribbon.

In the Senior Division, the gold medal was won by Trevor David (B), Gage Andersen (G) garnered the silver.  The purple ribbon was awarded to Trevor and a blue to Gage.


There are five different areas of archery competition: Barebow, Freestyle Limited Recurve, Freestyle Limited, Freestyle and Bow Hunter Freestyle.


Junior Division – Kipley Kuecker’s (G) keen eye landed her the gold medal.  The silver went to Treyvan Berry (L), and the bronze to Reid Wahlgren (G).

Purple: Kipley Kuecker (L), Treyvan Berry (L), Reid Wahlgren (G), Rieker Spradlin (C), Mathias Pepplisch (L), Ashlyn Peterson (G)  and Grant Wahlgren (G).  Blue: Abbi Sutton (L), Wesley Thompson (L), Paige Walahoski (O), Mason Schaaf (L), and Cade Atkinson (G).

Intermediate Division – Gold medal went to Parker Walahoski (O) with a purple ribbon.  The silver to Casey Wahlgren (G) and also a purple ribbon, and the bronze to Zachary Kopf (L) and a blue ribbon. The other two blue ribbon winners were: Sydni Ringenberg (L) (C) and Kalli Sutton (L).

Senior Division – The gold medal was awarded to Gracey Smith (L), silver to Malinda Lo (L), and the bronze to Grace Ratkovec (C). Purple: Gracey Smith (L) and Malinda Lo (L). Blue: Grace Ratkovec (C) and Sarah Treffer (C).


Junior Division – Karsyn Nichols (Ed) was rewarded with the gold medal and a purple ribbon.  Kylee Kubert (Oc) received the silver medal and also a purple.  The bronze went to Preston Beattie (S) with a purple as well.  The last purple ribbon winner was Rilyn Schledewitz (Oc). Blue: Clayton Scoville (S), Ellie Scoville (S), and Beau Triplett (M). Red: Stephine Meininger (S) and Dylanger Schledewitz (Oc).

Intermediate Division – Anna Triplett (M) received a gold medal and a blue ribbon.

Senior Division – Gage Schledewitz (Oc) took home the gold medal and a blue ribbon, Dani Claflin (S) received silver with a blue ribbon and bronze to Mattison Beattie with a blue ribbon.


Junior Division – No participants.

Intermediate Division – Kalli Sutton (L) won the gold medal for this division. And Parker Walahoski (O) received the silver and blue ribbon.

Senior Division – The gold went to Greg Treffer (C) the silver to Saidi Ringenberg (L) and bronze to Grace Ratkovec (C).  All medalists received purple ribbons. Blue: Malinda Lo (L), Kylie Sellers (L) and Gage Schledewitz (Oc).


Junior Division – Lindly Anderson (G) took aim and hit the bullseye by taking home the gold medal and the purple ribbon.  Mickailee Reil (O) left with the silver and a blue ribbon.

Intermediate Division – Gold medal went to Braeden Anderson (G) and purple ribbon, and silver to Hayden Russman (G) and blue ribbon.

Senior Division – Gage Andersen (G) taking home the gold medal and a purple; with an impressive score of 142 out of possible 150.


Junior Division – Greer Tiller (G) received the gold medal and a purple ribbon.  Cinch Sanger (Br) received the silver medal and a purple ribbon and Kylee Kubert (Oc) received a bronze medal and blue ribbon.

Intermediate Division – Gold medal went to Cole Atkinson (G) the silver to Rye Tiller (G) and the bronze went to Braden Bender (L).  Cole and Rye received purple ribbons and Braden took home a blue.

Senior Division – Saidi Ringenberg (L) received the gold medal, while Neligh Andersen (G) received the silver medal and Bailey Bryant (G) won bronze.  All received purple ribbons. Kylie Sellers (L) received a blue ribbon.

Dawson County 4-H leaders who are certified to teach shooting sports include Mike Wolff, Chris Wolff, Bret Tiller and Garth Andersen, all of Gothenburg; Daniel Kreis of Brady; Bill Scoville of Sumner and Dave Schledewitz of Oconto, Brent Graves of Cozad, and Robert and Tina Thompson of Lexington.

The Chief Range Officer was Bill Scoville for BB gun; and Dave Schledewitz and Robert Thompson for archery. Chris Wolff ran the Air Pistol and Air Rifle areas.  Anyone interested in joining or becoming certified leaders may contact the Dawson County Extension Office at 308-324-5501.