Data Shows CCH Has Healthy Impact on Columbus, says Officials

COLUMBUS – Officials say in a press release that Columbus Community Hospital has had a healthy fiscal impact on the local community.

Hospital officials say in 2017 they provided 580 jobs and generated $88 million in revenue, which created over $1.5 minion in state and local taxes. The data is from IMPLAN results, which were provided by Heartland Health Alliance.

“We are one of the largest employers in Columbus and offer some of the best paying jobs and benefits,” said Michael Hansen, president/CEO of Columbus Community Hospital. “We also recruit professionals to live, raise families and spend money here.”

Officials also say in the press release they have downstream business totaling over $33 million, to contractors, lineman, and visitors spending time at local restaurants and hotels.

See the specific results provided by CCH in the link below.

Economic Impact – Columbus Community Hospital