Customers Happier, Says NPPD Survey

COLUMBUS – Nebraska Public Power says a survey of their stakeholders says customers gave higher marks on reputation, trust, and service this year, than in 2017.

NPPD says in a press release that nearly 1,500 end-use customers took part in surveys, with 95 percent ranking NPPD as “good” or “excellent” in the categories of trust, reputation, and service. The surveyed categories include environmental stewardship, financial performance, technology, and energy innovation, vision, community involvement, and leadership, says NPPD.

“NPPD regularly measures its performance against that of other utilities throughout the United States and the region. We compare our reliability, our wholesale and retail electric rates, and our safety culture,” said NPPD Retail General Manager Tim Arlt. “Yet, our customers are the reason why we exist. Their scores indicate they consider us a partner in their communities; they value the programs and services we offer to lower their energy use; and they see us as an energy innovator, researching and pursuing carbon-free energy.”

NPPD says scores from the general managers of their wholesale customers also saw improvements. The surveys were completed by the MSR Group out of Omaha.

The results were shared at the April NPPD Board of Directors meeting, and NPPD says their marks improved from the year prior.