Custer County Supervisors Approve Highway Department’s One And Six-Year Plan

CUSTER COUNTY— It was a quick meeting for the Custer County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, February 11 with most of the meeting centered around the one and six-year plan for the Custer County Highway Department.

Custer County Highway Superintendent Chris Jacobsen informed the board that there were an additional eleven projects that the department will be taking on this year.

Nine of those projects are flood-related and a number of those must be completed by September due to regulations from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Jacobsen told the board that the projects vary from required maintenance and controlling potential floodwaters to complete rebuilds of roads and bridges.

During the public hearing, the lone member of the public asked about reducing the speed on Sumner Road as trucks traveling that road were tearing up the surface. Jacobsen noted that this was an issue that has been realized, but due to state regulations requiring an engineer to be hired and a study to be conducted to be able to reduce the speed, it was not feasible at this time.

Board President Barry Fox did say that he would check with County Attorney Steve Bowers and see if there was a way around the statue without having to spend money on an engineer. With no other comments, the board approved the one and six-year plan.

The highway department will also be getting a new dump truck with pup and snowplow from Nebraska Truck Center in Grand Island after approval from the board.  The new truck with the additions will cost $99,998 after older equipment was traded in for a value of $48,000.

A special purchase could also be approved at the next supervisors’ meeting after the board agreed to publish that the department would be looking to buy a 2014 Freightliner tractor. The $48,000 purchase from Nebraska Truck Center in Grand Island will be published to allow any competing businesses a chance to enter in their own inquires.

Other board approvals included approving the letter of engagement for Dana F. Cole, approving the payment for membership dues to the Custer County Economic Development Corporation, and approving the WJE Consulting Services contract for indirect cost allocation reimbursement.