Custer County Historical Society visits Board of Supervisors

Custer County Historical Society visits Board of Supervisors
Custer County Historical Society President Lance Bristol presents to the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday

CUSTER COUNTY—As budget time draws closer, the Custer County Board of Supervisors continues conversations on salaries and budgets for fiscal year 2018-2019. A motion was made to table discussion on appointed official salaries and it will appear on the agenda for the July 24 meeting.

Highway Superintendent Chris Jacobsen appeared before the board for the approval of crossing county right-of-way applications; approval was granted. The board also approved a special designated liquor license for the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce Men’s Steak Fry to take place August 13 at the Custer County Fairgrounds.

The 2018-2019 inter-local agreement with the Sargent Airport Authority was approved, as was the appointment of Jack Ray Steinbach, Sargent, to the Veterans Service Board. Steinbach will serve until June 2020 as a replacement for Irvin Fletcher who stepped down.

Lance Bristol and members of the Custer County Historical Society presented its annual report to the board. Society president Lance Bristol thanked the board for their past financial support and said the museum welcomes about 5,000 people ever year, 75% from out of state. He said families visit the area to do research and contribute to the local economy.

Custer County Historical Society members at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting

“So we always figure that we have a good chance of those 5,000 people who come to visit us, if 75% spend some time at all in our area, they’re bound to add to the economic well-being of this county,” Bristol said.

Bristol and society members showed pictures and told stories from the 1932 Custer County Fair rodeo and shared stories of how the research tools available at the museum (phone books, cemetery census, maps, and much more) help community members and out-of-state visitors, who in turn contribute to the economy.

Museum Curator Tammy Hendrickson has worked at the museum for the last four years. Bristol said thanks to the financial support the society receives, it was able to give her a raise and finish a recent renovation project. The Custer County Historical Society is asking the Board of Supervisors for $8,500 and the board will make an official vote on this request and others later in August/September.

“We are very thankful for that $8,000 and quite honestly, the museum would not literally exist without that extra help. That pays for the utilities, that pays for the telephone and internet service, and about 10% of our insurance. So it covers a chunk of our expenses. I’ve asked for $500 more next year if there’s room in your budget that you could do it–that would give us just a little breathing room. Not a huge increase, but for us $500 goes a long way,” Bristol said.

A Water Ways exhibit will be coming to the Custer County Museum August 11-September 21.