Custer County District Court Keeps Busy With Civil And Criminal Cases

CUSTER COUNTY— The Custer County District Courtroom was busy with multiple civil cases on the docket as well as a number of criminal cases on Thursday, October 3

Kenneth Loucks, 42 of Broken Bow, appeared after turning himself in to police after failing to appear at his last hearing. Loucks’ attorney, Christopher Wickham, stated that there was a miscommunication with the date Loucks was supposed to appear.

Wickham also asked the court to continue the trail date of the case which was granted by Judge Karin Noakes and continued to February 10, 2020 at 9 AM. Following the re-scheduling of the case, Wickham was approved to withdraw as Loucks’ attorney, which he had previously filed for at the previous court hearing.

Also appearing in court was Robyn Frawley, 29 of Broken Bow, as she had been arrested for failing to appear on two separate cases. Frawley agreed to waive speedy trial on one of her cases and it was continued to February 10, 2020 at 9 AM. On the second case, Frawley is scheduled to be sentenced for possession of methamphetamine (class IV felony) on November 7 at 10:15 AM. A presentence investigation was ordered to be conducted prior to sentencing. A bond was also set in the second case for 10% of $10,000.

Jason Chestnutt, 39 of Lincoln, will enter an admit or deny plea on October 24 at 10:15 AM after he was found to have violated his probation. Chestnutt had been placed on a three year probation after being found guilty of 3rd degree domestic assault- 2nd offence. Judge Noakes also granted Chestnutt’s request for a court appointed attorney, where she appointed public defender Michael Borders to represent him.

Carlos Riol, 37 of Broken Bow, appeared in court on a bond review as he is currently being held on 10% of $25,000. Riol’s attorney, Christopher Wickham, argued that the bond should be lowered because the others that had been arrested in relation to the case have been released on person recognizance bonds. Wickham also told the court that Riol wanted to be able to go back to work to support his kids and family.

Custer County Attorney Steve Bowers, informed the court that the bond should remain the same due to the criminal history of Riol which included: illegally firing weapons, theft, battery, robbery, possession with intent to distribute, multiple failures to appear, and multiple other convicted charges. Bowers also told the court that Riol is facing a habitual criminal enhancement and believed he was a danger to the community. Judge Noakes ordered the bond remain the same at 10% of $25,000.

The civil lawsuit involving 542 INC. and Custer County Supervisor Doug Stunkel, was continued to February 6, 2020 at 10:30 AM. Judge Noakes did approve a change to her ruling, by allowing 542 INC. to operate normally, with the stipulation that if any of the items that were listed on the loan are sold, Custer Federal State Bank would need to be informed of the sale.