Custer County Board Of Supervisors Approves Highway Dept. To Upgrade Phone System

CUSTER COUNTY— While the agenda had plenty of items to cover, the Custer County Board of Supervisors kept its regular meeting on track and running smoothly on Tuesday, September 24.

The meeting kicked off with the board of equalization approving the amendment to the allocation request for Broken Bow in the amount of $354,099. The allocation amendment comes from the city finding more storm damage than initially projected, thus they asked for a $150,000 increase in the request.

The board also approved the manager change for the Broken Bow Country Club liquor license. The license had initially been in the name of a previous manager, but after staff changes, the name on the license was no longer accurate. The board approved the license be changed over to Christopher Wickham.

The Custer County Highway Department was given approval to start the process of replacing outdated phone equipment after Highway Superintendent Chris Jacobsen informed the board that it was a necessity.

Jacobsen informed the board that he spoke with their current provider CenturyLink, but after discussion decided it would be better to switch to Great Plains Communications who would be able to update the equipment for less money. The board did unanimously approve to go with the proposed lease agreement with Great Plains, which will go into effect after a purchase agreement is signed.

Other approvals included the relocation of Roads 1205 and 986 which were physically moved many years ago, but had not officially been moved on paper. Chairman Barry Fox was granted authorization to sign the certificate of cost allocation plan and letter for reimbursement of indirect costs. This authorization is done each year and is done in part with the Department of Health and Human Services and the child support program.

The final approval was the special designated liquor license for Cup N Cork for the Barrel Bash that will be held at the Custer County Fairgrounds on October 11, 12, 13.