Court Records Describe Gun Fight As Bridgewaters Enter Tecumseh Home

TECUMSEH  – Two Nebraska brothers who were shot in Tecumseh earlier this month face felony charges for breaking into a man’s  home to beat him up.

26-year-old Kolton Bridgewater and 20-year-old Levi Bridgewater face charges including burglary and attempted second-degree assault on May 10.

An arrest affidavit says Kolton Bridgewater traveled to Tecumseh with the intention of assaulting Raymond Brown. Kolton and his brother Levi were armed with either a handgun or knife. Their father, Kenneth Bridgewater also is reported to have had a  handgun.

The affidavit says the Bridgewaters knocked on the door and pushed their way into the Tecumseh residence, although Brown warned them he had a gun.

Brown told investigators that he began firing. Kolton fell on top of him. The affidavit says there was then a struggle between Brown and Kenneth Bridgewater for Bridgewater’s gun. Brown had lost control of his own gun during the contact, but  was able to gain control of  Bridgewater’s gun.

Investigators say that Brown works for the same employer as Kolton and Levi Bridgewater, but there had been recent lay-offs. There had been hard feelings between different groups of employees because of work-related events.

Colton and Levi Bridgewater were flown to a Lincoln hospital with serious injuries. Their father has not been charged.