County Supervisors Re-Organize To Start First Meeting Of 2021

County Supervisors Re-Organize To Start First Meeting Of 2021
Custer County Judge Tami Schendt (left) swears in Custer County Supervisors (L-R) Dwain Bryner, Dist. 4, Tammy Kleeb, Dist. 2, and Lynn Longmore, Dist. 6 on Thursday, January 7. (Mona Weatherly, Custer County Chief)

CUSTER COUNTY— The first meeting of 2021 for the Custer County Board of Supervisors was fairly uneventful as the board reorganized with the start of a new year with one new board member.

Lynn Longmore, of Callaway, will be representing District 6 after being elected to the seat in November. Longmore will start his four-year term alongside Tammy Kleeb and Dwain Bryner who were also reelected to represent District 2 and District 4, respectively.

During the meeting, the Supervisors approved SINE/DIE 2020 and moved to re-elect Barry Fox as the Board Chairman and also re-elected Don Olson and the Vice-Chairman.

The only two items on the agenda that were talked about at length was a report from Weed Superintendent Tim Conover and the offering of services from Legal Shield/ID Shield.

Conover informed the board that since his start date of August 3, he has conducted 96 inspections covering 16,400 acres of land in Custer County. While most of the issues he had found were moderate to low problems, leafy spurge was a weed he had found in excess covering in total 3,448 acres of land. While there were small clusters throughout Custer County, Conover stated that there were five areas that had severe problems that would need to be dealt with in the next year.

The other topic that was discussed, was the services of Legal Shield/ID Shield. The Supervisors stated that there was no interest in the services and they were a benefit the County was not choosing to offer at this time. The Board unanimously agreed to deny the services from Legal Shield/ID Shield.

Other approvals included allowing County Treasurer Sheri Bryant to invest funds/ time deposits, posting load limit signs, and decreasing mileage rate to 56 cents/mile from 57.5 cents/mile according to state statute.

The next Custer County Board of Supervisors meeting is scheduled for January 26 at 9 AM at the Custer County Courthouse.