County Supervisors Approve Emergency Management To Purchase Up To $30,000 For Protective Equipment

County Supervisors Approve Emergency Management To Purchase Up To $30,000 For Protective Equipment
Photo from February 11 meeting.

CUSTER COUNTY— The Custer County Board of Supervisors held their regular meeting on Tuesday, April 14 via teleconference to discuss a number of topics with many centering around COVID-19.

As the virus continues in our area, Emergency Manager Mark Rempe spoke to the board about the need for more equipment for emergency personnel. Rempe said that agencies are running low on masks and gloves, but getting that equipment is extremely difficult.

While the organizations like Loup Basin Public Health Department are trying to get the equipment out to departments as quickly as possible, Rempe asked the board to approve Emergency Management to purchase equipment to “help get our people protected.” The board did approve purchases up to $30,000 for safety equipment.

The board also approved the deferment or forgiveness of CDBG loans amidst the pandemic. CEDC Executive Director Andrew Ambriz told the board that with the approval of the resolution, borrowers of the CDBG loan will be able to defer or have their loans forgiven depending on if they meet the requirements of the national objective. After Custer County Attorney Steve Bowers made some changes to the resolution to include the definitions of how the loans are deferred or forgiven, the resolution passed unanimously.

Other approvals from the board included awarding bids for asphalt, culverts, grader/drag blades, and gravel after recommendations were submitted by the Custer County Highway Department. The board also approved hiring a new janitor and accepted the resignation of weed superintendent Ridge Horky which was submitted on April 9. Along with accepting the resignation, the board also added they would like to negotiate with Horky about possibly helping with training a replacement.