County Budget Approved for 2017-2018 Fiscal Year

County Budget Approved for 2017-2018 Fiscal Year
Board of Supervisors Chairperson Barry Fox (left) and Matt Eggleston (right)

Inside the Custer County Courthouse, the Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday morning to discuss the upcoming year’s budget.

The budgeted property tax request came to $6,255,630, the same amount as last year. Chairman Barry Fox stated that the tax request has nearly been flat for the last three years. The levy has dropped and the property tax request was approved at .167037.

The budget will make up the funds for the general, sinking, and communications funds. Petty cash funds were also approved, as was the standard appraisal contract.

Only one request was made for crossing county right-of-way (a project north of Highway 92, west of Anselmo) and the Highway Department budget and inventory were also approved.

A three-year cost allocation plan with Sequoia Consulting Group was approved. The agreement deals with child support funds and the county receiving about 60% of federal dollars, roughly $5,000 a quarter based on 2015 numbers.

Another discussion centered on courthouse renovation. An engineering plan designed by JEO Consulting was approved for future renovation projects including handicap access, bathrooms, and an elevator. $1.586 million is currently in the sinking fund, to be used for renovations according to Fox and the project is estimated to cost about $250,000.

Two bids were received for a Comstock building removal that is attached to the community building, but is in rough shape according to the board. Concerns of asbestos and an unstable roof were discussed in terms of the removal, but the bid was awarded to Ed Hoevet Excavating out of Ord, Neb.

The board went into closed session but no decisions were made following the discussion.