County Assessor/Deputy County Assessor Examination Thursday, Nov. 18

The Property Tax Administrator, Ruth A. Sorensen, announces that the examination for the Nebraska County Assessor/Deputy County Assessor Certification will be given on Thursday, November 18, 2021.

Candidates interested in taking this examination may choose to take the examination in the Department of Revenue’s Lincoln or North Platte offices at the addresses below. The examination is held from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with a one-hour break for lunch. Applications accompanied by the applicable fee must be submitted to the Department of Revenue no later than November 8, 2021.

Certification and eligibility to hold office as a county assessor or deputy county assessor requires successful completion of this examination. Nebraska law prohibits an individual from filing for, or being appointed to, the office of county assessor or serving as deputy county assessor without a valid Nebraska Assessor Certificate.

In addition, this certificate is required to be eligible to file for, or assume the office of, county clerk acting as an ex-officio county assessor. Application forms and additional information can be obtained at

Lincoln examination location:
Nebraska Department of Revenue Training Center Second Floor, State Office Building 301 Centennial Mall South, 14th & M Streets, Lincoln, Nebraska

North Platte examination location:
Nebraska Department of Revenue Conference Room First Floor, Craft State Office Building 200 South Silber Street, North Platte, Nebraska