Cornhusker Power says 2000 Without Power

GENOA – Cornhusker Public Power says roughly 2000 customers are without power and are expecting more.

CPPD President and CEO Clay Gibbs says customers in Fullerton, Belgrade, Cedar Rapids, St. Edward, Genoa, Spalding, Albion, Petersburg, and Newman Grove are experiencing outages. The outages are being caused by the ice and wind, says Gibbs.

Gibbs says crews are reporting that power lines have continuously bounced and tangled with each other, causing power to go back out.

Customers to the east of these locations will most likely suffer outages as the storm moves through the area, says Gibbs. Gibbs says these outages can last for several hours and sometimes several days.

Gibbs says CPPD is coordinating with neighboring power systems for mutual aid to speed up the restoration process. Do not approach downed power lines and alert your power provider immediately if you experience an outage.

Crews are working as fast as possible to restore power as soon as they can, says Gibbs.