Comstock Windmill Festival Postponed Until 2021

COMSTOCK–Due to the mounting restrictions and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the Comstock Windmill Festival will postpone the 2020 event until June 10-12, 2021. Comstock Windmill Festival organizer Henry Nuxoll put out a press release earlier this week with the following information:

We will have the same acts at the same time of the year. All tickets already purchased for the 2020 Windmill Festival will be valid for the 2021 festival.

It is nearly impossible to move nine performers to a later 2020 date simply because of
their existing commitments for summer and fall dates. We also do not want to compete
against fairs and local events that have been scheduled for years. We want to add
entertainment value to Nebraska, not take away from any local venues.

With the travel ban in most states, the total uncertainty of increasing COVID-19 cases in
Nebraska and the country, the financial instability of those customers who lost income
from job layoffs, the risk seems to outweigh the potential customer base.

Events in America have been canceled or postponed to July. Routing and scheduling our line up could be an immediate problem. It is better to know now than be uncertain. The Windmill Festival’s talent agency strongly suggested postponing.

From Henry Nuxoll, the festival organizer: “Twenty-one year-olds are invincible. I was 21 once, Corona may not bother them, but they could be asymptomatic. They could pass Corona to another 21 year-old who could pass it on to a 65 year-old Grandpa with diabetes. Both my parents immigrated from Germany. I met my one Grandpa once when I was 12 years old. The others had passed away before I was born. All the money in the world is not
worth the health & welfare of our customers. We have one couple coming for 20
consecutive years,” Nuxoll continued.

“I am not afraid of dying. You have to die to get to heaven. If you have been to Comstock, that’s the next best place. God has three answers for us: Yes, No, and Wait. Thank you for your continued support. We will keep you informed.”