Columbus Council Approves $315,000 Contract for Building at Bradshaw Park

COLUMBUS, Neb. – The Columbus City Council approved a contract for over $300,000 that would give Bradshaw Park a new multi-use building.

The council voted 7-1 on a contract with Bierman Contracting on Monday night for $315,000. The new building will hold restrooms, a storage facility, a concession stand and a shelter overhang.

The lone nay vote came from councilman Dennis Kresha, who complained that the contract was $35,000 more than the $280,000 the council approved last month.

He said that he was not against the project, but would like a simpler, cheaper building.

“It just seems like we always have to be looking at a Cadillac instead of a Ford or a Chevy,” says Kresha.

Mayor Jim Bulkley said that he had similar questions and was told that the building had to be ADA compliant, making the facility, larger and therefore, more pricey.

“Some of this can add, in a project like this, maybe 15 to 20 percent of the cost,” says Bulkley.

City engineer Richard Bogus said that the project is similar to the ones done at Pawnee Park and Glur Park, and that the original $280,000 was for construction costs, and did not incorporate labor and other expenses.

The reason for the new facility is to update an old building at the park that is plagued by water problems. Attendees of midget football games are currently forced to walk around two blocks to use the restroom.