City Treasurer Position And Ordinance Main Discussion At City Council Tuesday

BROKEN BOW— The Broken Bow City Council is on the hunt for a possible city treasurer as current city treasurer Nancee Coufal completes her final week of work for the city.

On Tuesday, November 26 the council discussed the position and what to do going forward. Nancy told the board that she believed that City Clerk Stephanie Wright was more than capable of handling the city’s finances, but was concerned of her work load.

Stephanie has also been handling the zoning administrator duties, on top of her city clerk assignments, after the city administrator position was not filled. Both Stephanie and Nancee talked at length about the need for another person to be hired due to the work load being too much for one person.

After discussion, the board elected to advertise for a treasurer’s position to be able to evaluate the candidates that may apply. In the meantime, Stephanie was appointed unanimously to serve as the interim City Treasurer.

Only one item under unfinished business was dealt with which was concerning Ordinance 1216, Abandonment, Neglect and Mistreatment. At the previous meeting, Council President Rod Sonnichsen, informed the public that the issue came about after a sheep and hog were slaughtered in city limits that was not a ‘clean slaughter’.

Sonnichsen told the board that he had done a lot of research into the topic and could only find one other similar situation in another city that was comparable, which was Lexington. The new definition that was agreed upon is: It shall be unlawful to slaughter any horse, cattle, swine, sheep, or goat, within any area of the city limits unless the slaughter of such mentioned livestock animals is within a licensed facility compliant with all directives of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.

The board and mayor agreed that this added section of the ordinance is simple and also allows for room to make changes if necessary. Custer County Chief Managing Editor Mona Weatherly asked the board if the law allows for the butchering of deer and chickens in city limits, which Sonnichsen informed the public that is does. The ordinance was approved unanimously.

Other approvals included allowing Colonial Life benefits as a voluntary payroll deduction and two utility assessments on properties at 1423 South G Street and 1422 South F Street.

Following regular agenda items, the board entered closed session for the purpose of discussing potential litigation.

The next City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 10 at 6 PM at the Broken Bow Public Library.