City of Broken Bow Moves Forward with South 19th Ave. Paving Project

BROKEN BOW—The Broken Bow City Council met on Tuesday to discuss the South 19th Avenue paving project. At the May 8 meeting, resolution 2018-36 was approved to allow gap paving on South 19th Avenue with the estimated project cost of $350,000. The council approved an amendment to the resolution of gap paving to include the option of South G Street, west of South 19th Ave., at the intersection. The amendment reads that Street Improvement Project No. 2018-1 shall not exceed two blocks, including intersections, or thirteen hundred and twenty-five feet, whichever is the lesser.

JEO representative Steve Parr appeared before the council to discuss an amendment also made to the agreement.

AMENDMENT: For additional design services, topographic survey, construction staking, and construction services extending the South G Street Design west through the west lot line of Lot 2, Premier Addition, approximately 285 feet west of the original signed plans, per request of City per adjacent land owner. Design elements include street paving, and potentially storm sewer. No utility construction is proposed as it is installed in the vicinity and assumed to be in good working condition.

“We laid out just the plan but we do have to do a little bit of design work on that and then provide the construction services. That’s what that is for,” Parr said.

Parr and the council were pleased with the two bids they received and Myers Construction was awarded the bid for the project in the amount $322,083.20.

Water/Wastewater Superintendent Darren Marten spoke during the public hearing on Ordinance 1181 Water Tap Fees. He and the utility board recommend replacing the original ordinance. The council approved the updated ordinance which reads, “Water tap fees will be billed for time and material up to a limit of $2,500 on 1” line service. Any services above 1” will be billed for time and material.”

Payment of $450 was approved to JEO for work completed on the Broken Bow Fire Hall Coordination and payment of $4,780 was also approved to JEO for work completed on the Broken Bow 2018 Paving Improvements through May 4.

Councilman Neal Neth thanked the city department heads for all the work they do. The council also discussed meeting times, with Mayor Cecil Burt saying meetings used to be in the evenings. Discussion centered on considering evening meetings which could possibly benefit attendance, but others said they have seen different meeting times seldom make a difference unless a big topic was on the agenda. No decisions were made.

The council moved into closed session at 12:30 p.m. and no decisions were made.