City Of Broken Bow Has Declared Snow Emergency

The City of Broken Bow has declared a snow emergency that will remain in effect until Monday, December 30th at 5 pm.

Ordinance 981 pertains to the Emergency Snow Routes. In the event that the Mayor of Broken Bow proclaims a Snow Emergency there are certain streets that will be declared to be snow emergency routes. This means that there will be no parking allowed on these streets until the snow emergency is lifted by the Mayor. The streets that are included are as follows:

1. 9th Avenue from North N Street south to Memorial Drive
2. 10th Avenue from North B Street north to North K Street
3. 5th Avenue from South N Street to Memorial Drive
4. Memorial Drive from East City Limits to West City Limits

Upon Declaration of a Snow Emergency there may be a prohibition of parking on downtown commercial areas as well. The declaration would include a state of the hours during which parking shall be prohibited for the purpose of snow removal form designated downtown commercial areas.

Another reminder is regarding sidewalk clearing. City ordinance 92.50 requires that snow, ice, mud and other substances be cleared of sidewalks in residential areas within 24 hours after the storm quits and in the business district; sidewalks must be cleared within five hours after the storm stops. If the storm falls during the night the sidewalks in commercial areas should be cleaned before 9 a.m. the following day. It also is unlawful to deposit snow, sleet, ice or mud or any debris from private property onto city streets.