City Laws Set Requirements for ATV, UTV Snow Removal

BROKEN BOW–During these winter months, Broken Bow Police Chief Steve Scott reminds local residents that if they are using ATV’s and UTV’s for snow removal, they must follow city ordinances.

Chief Scott notes that ATV’s or UTV’s (all terrain vehicles or utility type vehicles) are prohibited on city streets, except for use in snow removal, and anyone using these vehicles for snow removal on streets must follow guidelines set forth in Broken Bow City Ordinance 2012-1117, adopted in July 2012.

Snow removal with ATV’s and UTV’s is limited to the hours between sunrise and sunset and only within 72 hours after the cessation of a snow storm.

ATV’s and UTV’s must be equipped with:
Working headlights and taillights
A bicycle safety flag, day-glow in color
A working brake system
Adequate muffler system
A U.S. Forest Service qualified spark arrester

Drivers must have a valid Class O operator’s license (driver’s license) or a farm permit, as well as liability insurance coverage for the vehicle. The driver must be prepared to show proof of a driver’s license and insurance to any peace officer requesting such proof within five days.

Drivers must abide by state and city traffic laws, as well as traffic signs and signals. Failure to do so can result in a citation.

It should be noted that this ordinance does not apply to City of Broken Bow employees who are operating ATV’s/UTV’s while performing their official duties for city departments.

You may register your ATV/UTV at the Broken Bow Police Department for $25.00.

Courtesy BB Police Department