Downtown Redevelopment Plan Approved, New Business Building Office in July

COLUMBUS – The Columbus City Council approved a redevelopment plan for downtown Columbus Monday night.

The redevelopment area is a rectangular core, bounded by 30th Avenue to the west, 22nd Avenue on the east, 15th Street on the north, and 10th Avenue on the south.

That redevelopment area, at the moment, contains deteriorating roadway conditions, building conditions, aging and substantial infrastructures, and commercial vacancies. Redevelopment projects will include adding downtown residential housing, incorporating facade improvements, rehabilitating buildings for commercial use, and integrating green space throughout the area.

The redevelopment plan also includes a specific project, as Sequoia Properties will plan to redevelop an office building and parking lot for office and commercial uses. Sequoia plans to begin construction on the site in July, and anticipates that construction will conclude in November. The estimated cost of the project is $387,537.