City Council Approves Bond Refinancing During Re-Scheduled Meeting

City Council Approves Bond Refinancing During Re-Scheduled Meeting
Broken Bow City Councilmen Chris Myers, David Schmidt, Mayor Rod Sonnichsen, City Administrator Dan Knoell, City Clerk Kandi Peters, and Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Jessica Owen await the start of the Council Meeting on January 12. Councilmen Larry Miller and Jacob Holcomb (not pictured) were present at the meeting.

BROKEN BOW— The Broken Bow City Council met Thursday, January 28 after the winter storm earlier in the week forced the meeting to move from Tuesday to Thursday.

The agenda featured only a handful of items with the main focus being on city bonds. City Administrator Dan Knoell told KCNI/KBBN that residents tend to get nervous when it comes to bonds, but this time dealing with the current bonds was a good thing.

According to Knoell, the City of Broken Bow was approached with the opportunity to reduce the interest rate on two bonds from 2010 and 2012 as well as the bond from 2016.

6:25“Just off that first one [2010 and 2012] we’re saving for the term of the loan, $22,957 and shaving two years off of it as well,” said Knoell. “That was a huge positive for the city.”

The second bond that was refinanced was the 2016 bond series which was taken out to pay for the Broken Bow Swimming Pool. With the refinancing, the savings to the taxpayers will be over $106,000 which break s down to approximately $10,000 per year.

The bond refinancing was approved unanimously by the Council.

Knoell also said the designation of three parking spaces as ‘no parking’ on South F Street was approved with a condition during the meeting. The ordinance was unopposed during all of the public hearings, but the Council felt it was necessary to keep the parking spaces until the construction at the location was complete. Knoell said the parking spaces will continue to be open to the public until the construction is complete and then the spaces will be turned over to the property owner.

Also during the meeting Life-Saving Awards were presented to a number of individuals from the Broken Bow Ambulance Service, Off-Broadway Staff, and Valley County Home Health.

2:45 “They put their lives on the line to help other individuals that are in their time of need. These awards are given by the state of Nebraska for administering CPR or just saving someone’s life.” Knoell continued, “At least in my world they are heroes. Not everybody has the mentality to be able to do that.”

The individuals recognized were Andy Holland, Brandi Hurlburt, Lawrence Stump, Ahren Finney, David Baltz, Kacey Woodliff-Finney, and Shane Fiorelli from the Broken Bow Ambulance Service. From Off Broadway, Suzanne Glendy, Bev Johnson, Laura Hendricks, Jamie Christen, and from Valley County Home Health, Krista Osmond.