City Clerk And Electrical Superintendent Positions Appointed; City Employees Recognized

City Clerk And Electrical Superintendent Positions Appointed; City Employees Recognized
Kandi Peters (left) appointed as City Clerk. Blake Waldow (right) appointed as Electrical Superintendent.

BROKEN BOW— It was a night of recognition at the Broken Bow City Council meeting on Tuesday, December 22. City employees were recognized for their dedicated service to Broken Bow from multiple departments.

Those recognized included Shane Fiorelli and Julie Toline for 5 Years of Service, Dave Dunkel and Tom Eberle for 15 Years of Service, Jeff Berghorst and Darren Marten for 30 Years of Service, and Steve Scott for 40 Years of Service. Each employee was presented with a plaque with their Years of Service from Mayor Rod Sonnichsen.

As the meeting continued, the Council also approved the appointment of a new City Clerk and Electric Superintendent. Kandi Peters, who had been serving as the Deputy City Clerk, was approved to serve as the City Clerk unanimously and will now step into her role that was also changed slightly. Prior to being appointed as the City Clerk, the Council approved to merge the office of Deputy Clerk and Treasurer. This change will override the previous change where the office of the City Clerk and Treasurer were merged.

Blake Waldow has been a lineman for Broken Bow the past two years and will now serve as the Electric Superintendent after it was approved by the Council. Waldow, a Plainview, Nebraska native, has worked with multiple public power districts including Elkhorn Rural Public Power District.

Only one other item was discussed at length which was designating three spaces on the south side of F Street and east of 8th Avenue as “No Parking.” Bill Butler stated that he is hoping to build a duplex with a garage at that location, but needs Council approval to designate the location as “No Parking” so the garage would not potentially require someone to back up onto a major road. Mayor Sonnichsen did note that the parking spaces at that location are small in size as well as being very close to the intersection.

Councilman Larry Miller said that his concern is taking parking spaces away from Frontier Family Pharmacy which is located across the street from the proposed “No Parking” space. The three readings of the ordinance were not waived which means anyone in favor or against the “No Parking” spaces will have chances to speak on the issue at the next few meetings.

The final approval was the new contract with City Administrator Dan Knoell which was approved with a base salary of $83,000

City Offices will close at noon on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve and will be closed all day on Christmas and New Years Day.

The next City Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 12 at 6 PM.

Mayor Rod Sonnichsen presents 5 Years of Service Award to Shane Fiorelli.
Mayor Rod Sonnichsen presents 5 Years of Service Award to Julie Toline.
Mayor Rod Sonnichsen presents 15 Years of Service Award to Tom Eberle.
Mayor Rod Sonnichsen presents 30 Years of Service Award to Darren Marten.
Mayor Rod Sonnichsen presents 40 Years of Service Award to Steve Scott.