City Approves Recycling Research for Long-Term Solution

COLUMBUS – The group Firstar Fiber will be researching a long-term solution to providing community wide recycling in Columbus.

The city council approved the motion on Monday, and Firstar Fiber will be performing the study while being paid by grant money.

“It’s a win win, It’s going to take some time because there is some studying involved, of course I know our public is tired of hearing about studies, but this is somebody from the outside coming in, and they just need to get to know Columbus. What do we do? How do we do things?They’ll probably look at some of the things we’ve done in the past and what other communities are doing, and see how they might work here,” says Bulkley.

Firstar Fiber is working with Green Fiber, who is one of the few end-users for recyclables, using them to build new products, says council notes.

There is no timeline on when a new community-wide recycle option will become available, but the group said they will work to find viable options as soon as possible.