City Approves Around $389K in Heavy Equipment & Truck Purchases

COLUMBUS, Neb. – The city approved the purchase of six different pieces of equipment and trucks for various uses around the city on Monday.

The council approved five bids and one purchase from a state bid contract for a total of just over $389,000.

The city will buy a semi-truck tractor for the transfer station for around $114,000, replacing a model that has seen extensive use.

A dump truck will also be bought for just under $91,000, after trading in their old one that has mechanical issues.

The Parks Department will trade-in a 16-foot mower for a new version and a broom attachment that will be used for snow removal. Public Property Director Doug Moore, says the mower is used around 40 hours a week during the non-winter months.

The council approved that trade-in and purchase for $85,000.

The council also approved buying two pickups for just under $60,000 from Gene Steffy Ford for use by the Wastewater Collection Division. The trucks replace pickups that have been used for over 10 years, those trucks will likely be re-purposed by other city departments.

The Wastewater Collection Division will also get a Bobcat excavator, which will be bought for just over $40,000 through a state bid contract. Sliva told the council it will be an upgrade from the previous model and says the city “got a good deal” on the equipment.

All items were listed on the city’s five-year-plan approved in August.