CHS Post Prom Turns CMS into A Jungle of Fun

COLUMBUS – Welcome to the Jungle was the theme for Columbus High’s Post Prom, but those who attended the sneak peak, may have thought they were anywhere but Columbus.

News Channel Nebraska got a chance to see this year’s post prom decorations just before an open house was held for the public on Saturday.Parents were able to transform the middle school before high schoolers enjoyed it early Sunday morning.

Co-chair of the entertainment Committee Amy Nelson says actives ranged from driving pedal karts with drunk goggles, to inflatable obstacle courses, and a casino.

“I’m curious to see the games going, the inflatables going, but to be honest, walking in here with all of their faces,” says Nelson.

Trina Jeffryes headed up the post prom efforts, and says it was amazing to see the transformation of the building from beginning to finish.

“Seeing it come together was amazing. We started the day yesterday with 19 people scheduled to come and help. Everything was thrown in totes, everything was just a mess, and I think we ended up with almost 50 people. People just showed up to help, we were hear until about 10 o’clock last night [Friday],” says Jeffryes.

Nelson says, “I just think we need to thank all of the parents, and Trina. Trina was our fearless leader. It really came together. We spend many, many months in the Hy-Vee cafeteria planning, and it all just came together great, so thanks to all the parents that have put in so much time, and honestly thank you to the school and to the janitors, we could not have done this last night without the janitors. They need to be thanked.”