Children’s Hospital Files Counter Punch

Omaha. NE.—Children’s Hospital is fighting back.

Accused by two former doctors of poor patient care, care so out of bounds that it led to the death of a seven-month-old child, the hospital has filed a 16 page legal counter punch.

Accusing the two physicians (Jason Miller and Mark Puccioni) of, in effect, professional jealousy, that they “intentionally used the death of a Child to falsely attack a highly skilled physician (Dr. Adam Conley) whom they believe poses a threat to their business and a hospital that has served the medical needs of children and their families for decades.”

As we recently reported the State of Nebraska has cleared Children’s of any wrongdoing. According to a letter from the Department of Health and Human Services, three major allegations were investigated and none were substantiated.

But the Nebraska Medical Association wrote this: “We as physicians are concerned about the summary suspensions, terminations and resignations (of outstanding doctors)….We are saddened to hear of children being transferred to outside institutions for additional care because of complications and inadequate (care at Children’s).”

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