Chamber Update

On Tuesday, the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors informed Chamber members that Donnis Hueftle-Bullock is “no longer the executive director for the chamber.”

We spoke to Board President Mike Hunsberger on Wednesday, October 11. When asked if Hueftle-Bullock was dismissed or had resigned, Hunsberger stated he was unable to comment on personnel issues. We asked if there was any correlation to Events Director Hannah Hundley’s resignation last week, but Hunsberger stated again that the board was unable to discuss personnel matters.

“We don’t discuss any personnel issues, but I do have a statement if you would like that,” the board president said.

Hunsberger read the following statement:

“The Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce Board wanted to inform the membership that Donnis is no longer the executive director for the chamber. We do wish to thank her for her years of service and dedication to serving the chamber members.

Please be assured, as we move through this transition period that you will receive the same great service that you’ve come to expect now and in the future.”

On Tuesday, KCNI/KBBN spoke to former executive director Hueftle-Bullock who confirmed that she had been dismissed.

Hunsberger stated that the board has not had a chance to explore hiring a new director. He also stated that the scheduled events and ribbon cuttings will be taking place as planned.