Callaway Good Life Center Cuts Ribbon On New Therapy Room

The Callaway Good Life Center celebrated their six year anniversary on Thursday, November 1. The public was invited to attend a lunch of hot dogs and drinks which was topped off by a ribbon cutting on the new therapy room inside the building. Senator Matt Williams as well as other area businesses and staff of the Good Life Center attended the ribbon cutting. The construction of the room came after the facility was made aware that to be able to conduct therapy on patients, they would have to offer it behind closed doors.

This started the process to begin construction on the therapy room. Initially, the staff was unhappy with having to put up a wall to close off that section of the center, but when the room was completed, the glass windows helped improve their attitudes on the wall.

“We really didn’t want a wall which is why we put the big windows in, but now we really like it,” said Vicky Hendricks Callaway Good Life Center Administrator. “A bad thing turned into a really good thing and we’re really proud of it now.”

The therapy room includes plenty of equipment for helping those in therapy. There is also a kitchen which allows some of the patrons to use the appliances to create food to take home.

One of the more important and impressive notes about the facility as a whole is that there were no deficiencies in the entire building. This means that a state survey was conducted to determine where improvement could be made in the facility. According to Vicky Hendricks, this survey is very in depth and covers everything in the entire facility from the floors to how you serve meals. When the survey was completed, the state did not list a single deficiency in the facility.

“It’s a very rare thing to be deficiency free, so we’re pretty proud of it,” said Vicky Hendricks