Bulkley: New Police, Fire Stations Paramount for Public Safety

COLUMBUS – Columbus Mayor Jim Bulkley says approving the city to build a new fire station and police station is essential to providing public safety.

Voters will get the chance to approve the building of a new fire station and new police station on a single question on May’s ballot.  Voters will be asked to approve a $16 million bond to construct the two stations using tax dollars that the city already has (Voting for the bond, will not raise taxes).

“Public safety is paramount with all citizens. When you talk with people about what should the community provide. What should the city leaders do. We can all argue about all the different amenities  people want, and what they expect, but I think almost 100 percent expect to have safety,” says Bulkley.

Bulkley says the current police station in downtown Columbus was originally a savings and loan facility.

“It’s done a fine job. Extremely over crowded and quite honestly it’s starting to run down. Not because we didn’t take care of it, but because it’s just got to that age, where you have to decide are your major repairs going to go into that facility, or are you going to make a change,” says Bulkley.

Bulkley says the fire station now is too cramped, and the new station will provide firemen and emergency responders with the tools necessary to be most effective in the community. (Learn more about the fire station project by clicking the link below).

“It needs to be something that they can be proud of, and they can feel comfortable in.  I will tell you, we are not building the Taj Mahal in either facility. We are making sure that we challenge the needs that are being brought forth,” says Bulkley. “Im comfortable that we are going to end up with something the citizens can be very proud of.”

You can see fact sheets provided by the city, regarding the ballot question and projects below.

To learn more about the fire station project click here.