Broken Bow Nativity Display

Broken Bow Nativity Display
One of 205 Nativity Displays presented this past Sunday and Monday

BROKEN BOW—“Profound, inspiring, gift-giving:” These are words local resident Roger Ryan used to describe the fifth annual Broken Bow Nativity.

Ryan moved to central Nebraska from California five years ago and always attended a nativity display at his former church. Monday evening was his first visit to the Broken Bow display at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Ryan said he was not disappointed.

“Very inspiring, wonderful. This is something that will draw the community together and it should draw the community together,” Ryan said.

A disabled veteran, Ryan said he does not get out much but was excited to get out on Monday night to view approximately 205 nativity displays.

Congregants of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints spent nearly 12 hours setting up all of the displays and welcomed crowds from all over Custer County. A local piano player performed Christmas music softly in the background as guests viewed the presentation.

Christ’s birth was depicted in hundreds of ways with nativity displays from the Philippines, Russia, Germany, Ireland, and South Africa. Native American interpretations were also on display. Numerous mediums included paper, wood, hand carved, Jim Shore, Precious Moments, porcelain, plush, and kid-friendly plastic.