Broken Bow Man Will Spend Next Six Years In Prison

CUSTER COUNTY— Steven Massey, 33 of Broken Bow, will spend the next 6 years in prison, after being sentenced in District Court on Thursday, November 1. Massey pled no contest to three separate counts of terroristic threats, criminal attempt, and third degree assault back on August 2.

The State, represented by County Attorney Steve Bowers, argued that the criminal history of Massey was extensive that included multiple charges of assault, theft, and others. Bowers stated that when police questioned Massey, he lied about the events that occurred and that his unreliability in multiple areas of Massy’s life made it difficult to believe what he was telling police. Bowers asked Judge Karin Noakes to sentence Massey to three years for terroristic threats, three years for criminal attempt, and one year for the assault all to be run concurrent.

Massey’s attorney, Andrew Hanquist, agreed that Massey was not a candidate for probation, but asked that he remain in the area to stay close to his kids. Hanquist argued that the numerous times the victim changed her story on the night of the arrest, should cast doubt on what really occurred that evening. Hanquest asked Judge Noakes to sentence Massey to a total of one year to be served at the Custer County Jail.

Judge Noakes sentenced Steven Massey to two years for terroristic threats, three years for criminal attempt, and one year for 3rd degree domestic assault all to be run concurrent as well as 18 months of post release supervision. Massey was remanded into the custody of the Custer County Sheriff’s Department where he will then be taken to the Nebraska State Penitentiary.

According to the County Attorney’s Office Ellen Sleicher appeared on arraignment for multiple drug charges and was voted into drug court. Her sentencing will be decided on her completion or dismissal from drug court.

Christopher Gallett had his case continued to November 15 at 10 A.M.