Broken Bow Library Community Needs Survey

BROKEN BOW—After more than six months in the newly expanded and renovated library, board members and staff are now working to gain community input through a survey available until August 19. The Broken Bow Public Library has been accredited by the state for approximately 20 years and is currently working through that annual process.

In addition to the strategic plan to become accredited, a community needs response survey is required this year. Assistant Library Director Megan Svoboda said the accreditation allows the Broken Bow Public Library more access to different funding and program opportunities. The survey will provide data to the state and allow staff and board members to better serve residents.

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“We’re looking more towards the community and how the library can help the community and not just look at the library and what we can do. We’re trying to bring everyone together and trying to get ideas and goals from what the public actually wants, not guessing what we think people want. We want to hear what people actually want from us and their library,” Svoboda said.

Library Board member Besty Smith said it has been an honor and a privilege to serve on the board. In addition to the beautiful new space and programs available for all ages, the library no longer charges a non-resident fee. Smith encourages all Custer County residents to complete the two-minute survey by Sunday, August 19 with a goal of reaching more than 230 people to take the survey!

“The survey is meant to be very short. There are only seven questions. Two of those are just what’s your gender, what’s your age. It should only take you two minutes tops. The whole focus of it is for us to be able to focus in on what the community as a whole feels like it needs. Not necessarily, you know, if it’s connected to the library or not,” Smith said. “Our main purpose is to know what the community is wanting, is needing, and then what we will do is take a step back and take all of that data we received from the survey and we’ll be able to look at that and say hey how can the library address that need or address part of that need?” 

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