Broken Bow Dominant in Wrestling Triangular

The Broken Bow wrestling team opened the season strong with decisive wins in their opening two duals of the season. The Indians opened the season with a triangular at the Indian gym Thursday night. Broken Bow opened with a 75-4 win over Wood River and followed that up with a 78-6 win over Arcadia Loup City. In the other dual of the night, Wood River defeated Arcadia Loup City 48-36. Broken Bow now prepares for the Indian Invitational which they will host at the Indian gym on Saturday with matches scheduled to begin at 9:30 am.

Individual results:
Broken Bow vs. Wood River

Broken Bow (BRBO) 75.00 Wood River (WORI) 4.00
132: Austin Cole (BRBO) over Dylan Alvarado Aguilar (WORI) (Fall 0:57) 138: Evan Waddington (WORI) over Cooper Brass (BRBO) (MD 14-3) 145: Cole Ulmer (BRBO) over Tony Rodriguez (WORI) (Fall 0:33) 152: Joel Myers (BRBO) over Camden Thompson (WORI) (Dec 6-4) 160: Lathan Duda (BRBO) over Gaven Jackson (WORI) (Fall 1:34) 170: Kaden Powers (BRBO) over Cameron Peterson (WORI) (Fall 1:17) 182: Isaac Dodge (BRBO) over Ulises Guerrero (WORI) (Fall 0:42) 195: Colton Duda (BRBO) over (WORI) (For.) 220: Treyvon Brooks (BRBO) over (WORI) (For.) 285: Drew Drake (BRBO) over Alex Glasenapp (WORI) (Fall 0:57) 106: Trey Garey (BRBO) over Carson Thompson (WORI) (Fall 3:25) 113: Casey Faulkenberry (BRBO) over (WORI) (For.) 120: Spencer Gaffney (BRBO) over Omar Tinajero (WORI) (Fall 2:51) 126: Patrick Powers (BRBO) over Dakota Brodigan (WORI) (Fall 1:02)

Broken Bow vs. Arcadia Loup City

Broken Bow (BRBO) 78.00 Arcadia/Loup City (ALC) 6.00
145: Cole Ulmer (BRBO) over Lance Sears (ALC) (Fall 0:31) 152: Joel Myers (BRBO) over Nathan Wetzel (ALC) (Fall 1:51) 160: Lathan Duda (BRBO) over (ALC) (For.) 170: Kaden Powers (BRBO) over Ethan Krzycki (ALC) (Fall 0:18) 182: Isaac Dodge (BRBO) over Nicola Mereu (ALC) (Fall 0:38) 195: Colton Duda (BRBO) over Gilbert Rodriguez (ALC) (Fall 1:16) 220: Treyvon Brooks (BRBO) over Liam Heil (ALC) (Fall 0:09) 285: Jakob Jerabek (ALC) over Drew Drake (BRBO) (Fall 0:31) 106: Trey Garey (BRBO) over (ALC) (For.) 113: Casey Faulkenberry (BRBO) over Dylan Jepsen (ALC) (Fall 0:30) 120: Spencer Gaffney (BRBO) over (ALC) (For.) 126: Patrick Powers (BRBO) over Caden Greenland (ALC) (Fall 3:11) 132: Austin Cole (BRBO) over (ALC) (For.) 138: Cooper Brass (BRBO) over Tryon Calleroz (ALC) (Fall 2:38)