Broken Bow Couple Moving to North Platte to Continue Careers in Education

Broken Bow Couple Moving to North Platte to Continue Careers in Education
Kurt and Nikki Altig began their careers in education with Broken Bow Public Schools and now prepare to move to North Platte where they've accepted teaching positions.

BROKEN BOW–First job, first house, marriage, and raising kids–all huge milestones in a person’s life. For Broken Bow Special Education Director Nikki Altig and science teacher Kurt Altig, they had no idea they would meet each other and go on to do all of these things together after joining the staff at Broken Bow Public Schools.

Each began their careers in education more than a decade ago and those first jobs then led to marriage, kids, and lifelong friends.

The Broken Bow School Board recently approved letters of resignation for both Nikki and Kurt as they prepare to move to North Platte where they have accepted positions in special education and science.

“We’ve truly enjoyed our time here in Broken Bow. I’ve been here 15 years and Kurt 16 years. Both of us started our careers in education at Broken Bow. It was a lot of firsts here. You know our first job, we met each other here, were married, raised our kids here, first time home owners here and have just created so many lifelong friends that this place will definitely be missed, we hold it dearly to our hearts, and we’ll always have a sense of home here,” Nikki Altig said.

Kurt is originally from North Platte and looks forward to returning to his hometown. He added that grandma and grandpa are equally excited to be closer to their grandkids.

“We’re excited. It’s a new adventure for us and you know there are some scary parts to it but there’s some excitement to it and we’re looking forward to the next step of our lives,” Kurt Altig said.

Both Nikki and Kurt told KCNI/KBBN it is amazing to see how time flies. One of Kurt’s first students, who was a senior at the time, turned out to become a neighbor years later. Kurt added that he made a good decision in staying in Broken Bow these last several years.

“I got here and the community is so nice, it was so great. I just decided to give it a try and I stayed for a few years,” Kurt continued. “And it was probably a good thing! Because I met a wife, a family, and probably lifelong friends that we’ll be close forever so it was a pretty good decision to stay.”

Nikki, originally from Holdrege, appreciates all of the kindness and support the family has received over the years and said they will always be lifelong fans of the Broken Bow Indians!

“We’ve grown a lot here, have learned a lot here. Starting in 2005 at 25 and now just a few months from 40 a lot has happened and thank you to everybody in the school system and the community of Broken Bow just for being a part of our family, for welcoming us and growing with us. We’ve appreciated every minute of it,” Nikki added.