Broken Bow City Council Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Broken Bow City Council Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Broken Bow City Council held meeting on Tuesday, August 22

The Broken Bow City Council began its bi-monthly meeting by approving the consent agenda and hearing an update from JEO Project Manager Ryan Kavan. Kavan said the final change order for the downtown renovation project would be presented at the next council meeting. Kavan and the mayor and council also discussed sidewalk assessments for the 5th Avenue and downtown improvement project. Kavan plans to compile lists of possible assessments for properties, based on different valuations and this conversation will continue at future meetings.

Deb McCaslin with the Custer County Economic Development Corporation gave an update for the Broken Bow NEClipse 2017 weekend events to take place August 18-21. There will be a golf event, barrel racing at the fairgrounds, a 5K, burger cook-off, street dance, and many other fun activities all weekend long, leading up to the eclipse viewing on Monday the 21. Here in town, the eclipse will start at 11:32am and totality starts at 12:55pm.

A payment in the amount of $666.00 was approved to JEO Consulting Group Inc. for work completed on the street report: settling pavement lacking an expansion joint at the intersection of Marlyn Drive and 2nd Avenue. The pavement had settled over the years causing a hazard.

Police Chief Steve Scott spoke during the public hearing regarding the property at 1407 North C Street. Chief Scott reported that over the years an abandoned property has become unsafe with no one tending to the home. The original owners of the home passed away nearly 20 years ago and the home was given to a son, who lives in Hawaii. Over the years, notices had been sent to the owners to take care of the home but nothing was ever done. City Attorney Jason White said all the legalities have been taken care of and the council voted to condemn the property and have it demolished.

The council also approved Resolution 2017-51 Library Renovation, approving payment in the amount of $114,020.70 to Chief Construction for work completed through July 31.

An agreement was approved with Miller and Associates for the CD Demolition Site review. Lastly, the route for the TEAMMATES 5K Walk/Run was approved. The race will take place at 8am on Saturday, August 19. Anyone interested in participating should call Cherie Kluender at 402-322-1564.

The meeting adjourned at 1:06pm and the next City Council meeting will be on August 22 at noon.