Broken Bow City Council Approves 7th Officer To Be Added To The Police Force

BROKEN BOW— Miller and Associates kicked off the regular meeting on Thursday, December 20 for the Broken Bow City Council. Miller and Associates is a 42 year old engineering firm out of Kearney competing against JEO Consulting Group for the 2019 Broken Bow City Engineer. The Council listened to their presentation on the firm and elected to postpone the assigning of the engineer position until the January 22 meeting.

The second of three readings was read from Ordinance 1193 which has to do with the increase in electrical rates. According to Electrical Superintendent Jeremy Tarr, the service rates will increase by approximately $6 per customer and for large industries they will rely on Kilowatt usage.

The final reading and final public hearing on the electrical rates will be held at the January 8 meeting at 6 P.M.

The Council also elected to join the Mutual Fire Organization and Rural Fire Board for the next four years. There is also a stipulation in the agreement with the MFO that if any of the members feel as if they are not being treated fairly that they are able to pull out of the agreement.

The final item on the agenda was amending the annual appropriation bill to be able to add a seventh police officer. The officer that was discussed at the meeting is a highly qualified Sergeant with the Gordon Police Department.

The officer is qualified in numerous training programs that will help the department, according to Broken Bow Police Chief Steve Scott. The new officer is also a K-9 handler which the police force does not currently have on staff. The board unanimously approved the amending of the appropriation bill, allowing the hiring process to begin.

The next Broken Bow City Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 6 P.M.