Broken Bow Chamber Welcomes New Member

BROKEN BOW— Full Circle Irrigation has officially become a part of the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce. Full Circle, who broke ground on February 15, became the 21st member of the Chamber this year by officially cutting the ribbon on Friday, September 7. While the building may be new, Full Circle is well known in the area and has done business in Custer County for many years.

“We have quite a customer base that we have built up in the Custer County area just wanted to add better service and parts accessibility for our customers,” said Full Circle Irrigation co-owner Todd Wardyn. “We have found that our business has shifted this way quite a little bit and needed a more central location.”

The Wardyn family began their business out of their shop in 2004 and eventually expanded to their home location in Litchfield. The new building is located on the east side of Broken Bow on Highway 2, just to the south of the Red Barn. Initially, the Wardyn’s were looking to open their doors in May, but weather and regular construction setbacks, pushed the date farther into the year.

“We got off to a slow start just because of all of the planning. It was a little overwhelming trying to lay it all out and figure it all out, but once that went we were stuck with a lot of winter conditions. Once it got going everything went together fairly fast,” said Todd Wardyn.

Even though Full Circle has been in the area doing business, they were not a part of a chamber in Litchfield, simply because there just was not one available. This makes everything very new for all involved in Full Circle Irrigation, but things have started off very well.

“This is my first experience of being part of a chamber because Litchfield doesn’t have a chamber and it has been great,” said Full Circle Irrigation co-owner Darlene Wardyn. “I’m just really happy and glad to be a part of Broken Bow.