Broken Bow Care And Rehab Urgently Looking For Buyer

BROKEN BOW— The clock continues to tick for the Broken Bow Care and Rehabilitation Center as they are currently looking for a buyer to purchase the facility before the closing date of May 27.

As previously reported, Jennifer Larson, Director of Nursing at the center, had possibly found a buyer for the facility, but at a press conference on Wednesday, April 3 Larson said that the undisclosed price of the facility was too large for that one person to take on.

Larson now says that the facility needs help from the community.

“The fate of this building is now in your hands,” said Larson. “There is no corporation looking at this building.”

During the press conference, it was discussed the need that the Broken Bow Care and Rehabilitation Center has, not only in Broken Bow, but in central Nebraska. Larson noted that if the center was forced to close, residents would be transferred to Kearney, Burwell, North Platte or farther if those closer facilities filled up.

“Right now, we have 25 residents. I can tell you of at least 9 of those residents that their loved ones visit almost daily. Some of those individuals cannot travel the 45 minutes to an hour to the alternate facility that they would have to move to.”

Larson is encouraging individuals, groups, or anyone who may be interested in knowing more about the cost of the facility or specific details of the facility to contact her at the Broken Bow Rehabilitation Center. Larson also said that she would be more than happy to facilitate the purchase or to pass along other information to anyone interested.