Broken Bow Art Club Donates Nebraska Heart To Broken Bow City Square

BROKEN BOW— One year ago, the Nebraska hearts were auctioned off in Lincoln after being designed by people from all across the state. These hearts cost approximately $3,000, but it was not simply signing a check and sending it in. Proposals were drawn up by numerous people around the state and sent to Lincoln where they were then selected by a jury. Roberta Barnes, who had done this type of project before, helped Abby Olsen gather the sponsorship’s that she needed to be able to build the heart.

Roberta Barnes said, “When I came to broken bow I decided to go big or go home. Thanks to Abby who is a go big or go home person, we did some proposals and sent them in on short notice.”

Abby Olsen, who graduated from Broken Bow High School in 2017, spearheaded the project by drawing up the proposal and finding those who would sponsor the creation of the heart. After the sponsorship’s were gathered, the Broken Bow Art Club put the heart together and began painting it according to the proposal that was submitted by Abby.

After the project was completed, the hearts were then sent back to Lincoln where they were then displayed throughout the city. This heart was specifically placed in front of the Quilt Center in Lincoln where it sat until auction in October of 2017.

Roberta was a big part in not only sponsorship’s, but also in gathering those who would purchase the heart. When Abby graduated from Broken Bow, Roberta went through the process to find those who would buy the heart and bring it back to Broken Bow.

“[Roberta] definitely played a big part in putting together people to buy it at auction and bring it back to Custer County,” said Abby

This heart was purchased by a number of people at the auction and on Sunday, October 14 the heart was donated to the Broken Bow Square. The heart will now sit permanently at the north side of the city square.