Board of Supervisors Welcomes Many Visitors During December Meeting

Board of Supervisors Welcomes Many Visitors During December Meeting
Custer County Board of Supervisors. Photo taken during the 2020 budget meeting.

CUSTER COUNTY–In addition to the motions approved to take more steps regarding potential work to be done to improve the safety of a railroad crossing in Anselmo (click here to view December 11 story), the Custer County Board of Supervisors heard from a number of other visitors.

Extension Educator Troy Walz requested approval for the reappointment of Nicole Wittuhn (District III) and Troy Schauda (District VI) to the Extension Board. Both were approved for three-year terms.

Executive Director Suellen Koepke of Healing Hearts and Families spoke before the board about diversion and therapy programs for approximately 150 youth in surrounding counties (Blaine, Custer, Dawson, Casper, Greeley, Loup, and Valley for diversion and therapy programs).

Koepke said money comes from the state but the supervisors approved county aid grants that will go toward staff, mileage, and educational materials. County Attorney Steve Bowers said the diversion programs are invaluable to his office and that the majority of youth offenders who participate in the programs are rarely seen back in court in the future because the programs help youth by holding them accountable.

“It’s a good way to keep them out of the court system which saves us money but also it’s a deal where they’re accountable, they realize the consequences of their actions, and we won’t see them again [in court],” Bowers said.

Custer County Tourism representatives Lance Bristol, Donna Glendy, and Rick Maas talked to the board about how to best report their expenditures and grant money allocations to organizations focused on increasing tourism. The focus for the tourism committee continues to be how to get more “heads on the beds” throughout the county. The majority of funds come from Broken Bow but the committee is continually looking for ways to represent all communities.

Supervisor Chairman Barry Fox said, “Anything that we can do to better the county and drive tourism, that’s really what our goal should be.”

Regarding the Judicial Center Bond Review, Brad Slaughter with PiperJaffray spoke to the board about the upcoming bond calls and the desire for the board to either lock in new interest rates, refinance, pay off part of the remaining costs, or stick to the current plan with an interest rate of 2.92%. No decisions were made.

The board also approved the contract with Stanard Appraisal Services, Inc., child support contracts ($54,775 allocated to the district court and $166,355 allocated to the county attorney’s office from the state), the November fee reports, and approved Resolution #40-2019 to set a three-cent per name fee for requested lists of registered names in the county.

The board also agreed to get another bid for carpet in the law library of the courthouse and tabled discussion of a pickup truck to be transferred from the sheriff’s office to the county surveyor.