Board of Supervisors Sells County Lot in Comstock

Board of Supervisors Sells County Lot in Comstock
Shared brick wall in Comstock, of community building and former bar. Photo: Dennis Johnson

CUSTER COUNTY—On September 12, the Custer County Board of Supervisors voted to tear down a portion of a building in Comstock that was no longer considered safe. The bar (formerly Bud’s Bar and Steakhouse) was connected with the community building and the two shared a common brick wall. The community building is still in tact. Dennis Johnson appeared before the board to discuss the brick wall that is exposed to the outdoors but still has paneling on it. As part of the demolition project, the board voted to work with the contractor to remove the paneling on the wall that faces the empty lot. (Click here to view the January 30 story.)

Dennis Johnson meets with the Board of Supervisors

The board then accepted a $4,000 bid from Mac Richards for the purchase of the empty lot. Aside from the paneling, all other issues regarding access to and maintenance of the wall will be between Mr. Richards and the village of Comstock.

The courthouse renovation project is still underway and the board closed bids for data and voice cabling, electrical fixtures and wiring, and the remodeling of the old district courtroom. Platte Valley Communications, Great Plains Communications, and EZ IT Solutions all bid data and voice cabling, ranging from $33,000 to $45,000. The board voted to refer bids over to the renovation committee and allow it to award the bid.

Central Nebraska Electric and Cole Electric bid for electrical fixtures and wiring, ranging from $6,900 to over $10,000. The board also moved to allow the renovation committee to award the bid.

Kyle Wolfe of Sandhills Custom Carpentry was awarded the bid for the courtroom renovation in the amount of $49,897.81 that was bid.

A substitution of securities was also approved for Nebraska State Bank.