Board of Supervisors Approves Portion of Road Relinquished

Board of Supervisors Approves Portion of Road Relinquished
Board of Supervisors heard budget proposals on Tuesday

During the Supervisors meeting on Tuesday morning, Aldon Unruh spoke against closing the south portion of Road 857 and John Wiese spoke in favor of relinquishing the road. A road study has been done and two petitions were on the table. The board voted to approve #3405 part A to turn over part of Road 857 (in section 19) to the Custer Township. It will then be up to the township to decide to either maintain the road or close that portion within 120 days.

County Treasurer Sheri Bryant presented the annual motor vehicle exemption applications, most of which were approved. The Nebraska Department of Revenue requires exemptions to involve educational, Cemetery, charitable, or religious special usage. Bryant will review the application for the hospital vehicles and the board will vote on that application at a later date.

James Callaway with the Broken Bow Airport Authority gave an update on airport finances, saying there has been a slow increase in traffic and fuel sales over the last year. Many improvements have been made including plans to lengthen the runway, new carpet, and new paint. Callaway asked the board for continued support in the next fiscal year.

The board approved Resolution #27R-2017 for the 2017 Fracture Critical Bridge Inspection Agreement.

Central Health Center CEO Brady L. Kerkman appeared before the board requesting $8,000 from the county to assist with a mobile medical unit to visit Custer County. The health center focuses on reproductive health care for both men and women and aims to promote free health testing for people who are uninsured or facing poverty. Kerkman stated that Central Health Center aims to partner with local hospitals, not compete, and to simply provide screenings and avoid unnecessary trips to the ER. Grants and individual donations of half a million dollars will pay for patient care services and the requested $8,000 will help pay for gas, personnel, and maintenance of the unit so that it can visit Custer County once or twice a month. The Board will look into things further and make a decision by September 20 when the county budget needs to be set.

Kelly Flynn gave a recycling report and County Attorney Steve Bowers requested approval to name Kayla Clark deputy attorney after she takes the bar exam. The title of deputy will allow Kayla Clark to sign attorney office documents and appear in court by herself. Deputy Glen Clark currently works part time.

County Assessor Connie Braithwaite gave a review with the Board of Equalization. Property valuation protests are taking place this week.